How To Acquire Fashionable Clothing

While many women who follow the top fashion trends have a good eye for quality clothing, quite a few are oblivious to how well they wear such clothing. A terrific dress can still look appalling if the person wearing it is not a suitable size or shape for it. So to ensure that you are not caught in such a dilemna yourself, take care to follow the common sense points outlined as follows fashion clothing.

To begin with, never leave the store unless you are sure that the garment you want to buy is a good fit for you. This may seem like common sense, but few people bother to test just how well clothing fits them before they decide to buy. And testing the clothing is not a simple matter of putting it on and posing in front of a mirror.

Instead, you should move around when wearing the garment. Stand up, sit down, walk, bend over, tiptoe and do any other physical action possible within the changing booth to check just how snug a fit the item is. This is an excellent way to test if it is too tight or too loose for you, and you should err towards the latter. This is because if you wish to make alterations to your garment, you will have enough material to make a decent alteration.

Another quality test you can perform is to grab a handful of the material and wrinkle it for a few moments. If it is free of wrinkles, then you will likely be able to wear it for a long social event without fear of it wrinkling on you. Conversely, if it does wrinkle, then you know to avoid purchasing this particular item.

While you will have to pose facing the mirror to check how an item looks on you, you should also try and see how it looks on you from behind as well. If the changing booth does not possess a rear view mirror, ask the shop assistant for a mirror so you can make this judgement. Alternately, you can always use the mirror in your make up compact to assess how you look from behind with a garment on.

Finally, look over the sort of maintenance such clothing will require. This covers how you wash and clean the garments after use, as this may make your items more expensive than the store price alone would suggest. Hand washing clothing is a time consuming and tedious process, while dry cleaning can be very expensive for certain items. So check in advance how such clothes are to be maintained, and then make a judgement as to whether they are worth the effort or not.

In summary, acquiring fashionable clothing that looks good on you is about more than simply following the top fashion trends and purchasing the most stylish garments available. You have to be practical about how such garments look on you, and you are unlikely to err in this regard if you keep the points above firmly in mind.

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